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Wednesday, August 12, 2009
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  A Tradition of Excellence-A Vision for Tomorrow

  Mission Statement

  The Lee County School System will take a prominent role advocating a progressive education for each student in our schools. The mission of Lee County Schools is to educate every student through a comprehensive and academically challenging curriculum taught in a safe and nurturing environment.  We challenge students to pursue dreams, succeed with integrity, and contribute meaningfully to a diverse society.

 Lee County School System's Core Beliefs:
· All students are valued individuals who can learn.
· The education of each student is a responsibility shared by students, families, schools, and communities.
· Each individual achieves best in an environment where physical and emotional safety is guaranteed.
· Personal integrity is essential to individual success.
· Learning is a lifelong endeavor.

Vision Statement

The Lee County Board of Education has a responsibility to ensure every student learns at his/her maximum potential and to set standards and expectations for the quality of education through the establishment of graduation requirements, accreditation of local schools, and certification of professionals. The Board of Education, the administration, and the staff of Lee County Schools will continuously focus on:

· Preparing students for a knowledge-based, technologically enhanced, and culturally diverse 21st century. 
· Supporting each student's success in a learning community.
· Ensuring a partnership with families and communities to support student learning.
· Communicating a vision for improving public education for ALL Lee County students.
· Guaranteeing that students have an opportunity to learn the skills necessary for their future, either for jobs or further education.
· Maintaining a strong partnership between the communities and the schools.
· Opening pathways of communication between all groups concerned with education.
· Proactively implementing continuous improvement for grades K-12. 
· Advocating professional development and teacher education programs.






Lee County Board of Education........................1-334-745-9770




First Bell- 7:25 AM (CST)   Class work will begin at 7:30 AM.  

Late Bell- 7:30 AM  Students will need a late pass at 7:30 AM.

 Dismissal Bell- 2:50 PM (CST)

****Please note all times are Central Standard Time*****


Parents may not drop students off EARLIER than 7:05 AM (CST).  Teachers are not on duty prior to 7:10 AM (CST).  The Early Morning Extended Day program will be available for students that have been previously enrolled.  For more information on this program, please call the office at 448-4422.


Students must be picked up by 2:55 PM.  After 2:55 PM, students will be sent to office to call home.  Students will not be left with the Extended Day program unless they have been formally enrolled in the program.




Students and parents are reminded that carbonated sugar-containing beverages (ex. Coke, 7-Up, etc.) are not allowed in our lunchroom due to federal health regulations.  No outside vendor food (Subway, McDonald's, etc.) is allowed in the cafetorium according to federal health regulations.


Forms to apply for free or reduced price breakfasts / lunches are available in the office.  You will fill out one form that will cover all of your children.  You will be notified by the child nutrition program of eligibility.  Breakfast will be served between 7:10 AM and 7:35 AM (school time).  Breakfast and/or lunch money may be paid on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. 

Remember to give your child their lunch money before it runs out, as the lunchroom staff is not permitted to charge meals for our children.




We transport between 80% and 90% of our students.  Students that do not obey bus drivers, create disturbing noise, or other disciplinary problems, will be removed from the bus for a period of time in accordance with the master discipline plan. 

 Children disembark from the buses each morning under the bus line awning.  Morning bus riders should not be entering or exiting the buses except under the awning.  Children go directly from the bus line into the school building in an orderly fashion.

After school bus riders walk through the parked buses from 2:50 until 3:05 CST.  The buses are parked in three rows to accommodate the children.  The children walk with their teacher to the bus and load the buses in preparation for the after school route.  Children will be seated on their buses with no children on the bus line for the buses to leave campus for their route. 

The bus and car rider areas use seperate drive ways.

*Remember - bus transportation is a privilege, NOT a right.  Poor bus behavior may be cause for suspension from bus or school.  Additional bus rules of conduct are contained in the Policies and Master Discipline Plan portion of this handbook.


Any change from your child's regular daily transportation (ex: ride the car today instead of bus), must be given to your child's teacher in writing.




At ESSES, we feel that our counselors are an essential part of our curriculum and a very valuable resource to our students.  Some of the services in our school counseling program are:

          Classroom guidance lessons           

Individual sessions

          Small group guidance lessons

Conferences with parents or students as needed




Fund raising is an integral part of our school's progress and growth.  Your participation is thoroughly appreciated.  If you choose for your child to participate in any fund raising activities during the school year, be aware that parents are legally responsible for money owed.  The school reserves the right to pursue all legal avenues for recovery, to include Small Claims Court if required.


Due to the young ages of our students, selling door-to-door is prohibited.  Smiths Station Elementary School cannot accept any responsibility for students selling for fundraisers.




NO medication may be given at ESSES unless the parent or guardian completes the School Medication Prescriber/Parent Authorization form.  The form along with the medication in its original pharmacy or manufacturer's labeled container must be delivered to the office by the parent or a responsible adult.  If a student needs to be on prescription medication, a medical form must be filled out and signed by the physician.  These forms may be obtained from the main office.  The school secretary is able to fax this form to the doctor for you.  We use only topical sprays and ointments.  We do not give Tylenol or related products to students without proper paperwork.




For personal checks, we require the guidelines listed below:

•1.          The check must be made out to: EAST SMITHS STATION

ELEMENTARY SCHOOL.  If the check is for lunch money please make the check out to ESSES LUNCHROOM.

•2.          We CANNOT accept a check that shows only a

          P.O. BOX address.  A STREET or ROAD number

                   and home telephone number are required and when

                   possible a driver's license number.

•3.          We CANNOT accept checks that are "PARTIAL

          PAYMENT", "POST-DATED", or "TWO-PARTY".


If the above criteria are not met, the school will return the check to you, with an explanation, for re-issuance.


Should a "Personal Check" be returned to us from the bank, the following procedure will be initiated:

•1.          A notice of the returned check will be sent by

REGISTERED OR CERTIFIED mail, return receipt 

requested.  This notice gives you TEN (10) days from the

date of the notice to pay the returned check plus a $30.00

service charge.  Restitution of a returned check must be

made with either CASH or MONEY ORDER.

•2.          Should the "RETURNED" check not be paid within the

TEN days, we will request the services of the WORTHLESS CHECK UNIT of the Lee County District Attorney's Office, where we will sign an affidavit charging the writer with issuing a worthless check.  At this point the Worthless Check Unit takes over and we at ESSES can no longer accept restitution for the check.


We sincerely hope all of our parents will understand the necessity of establishing this policy.  We process thousands of personal checks each school year of which approximately 10% are returned and uncollectible.  If you have any questions regarding this policy, please contact our bookkeeper, Mrs. Carolyn Perry (ESSES) at 448-4422.




Our Physical Education program is developed to provide students a cornerstone for building life long healthy habits.  The coaches insure that the physical education environment is safe for your child to participate in activities.  To ensure our healthy habit goal, the physical education grading system is based on daily participation.


At the beginning of each nine-week grading period, all students are given a grade of 100.  Points are then deducted each time a student exhibits behaviors that hinder their participation in the physical education program.  The following is a list of the general rules and the grading system including the amount of points deducted for each infraction.


Point deductions for rule infractions that cause non participation:

-2      Non-participation in daily lesson / activities.

-2      Running / pushing in line to and from physical education

-3      Not following the instructions for the daily lessons

-3      Being disrespectful to the staff (talking back to or refusing to cooperate with the teacher).

-3      Chewing gum or eating candy during physical education.

-3      Disruptive behavior (wrestling, horseplay, kicking / pushing other students, talking during instruction, etc.)

-3      Leaving the designated area without permission (playing in the woods, leaving class early, leaving the gym, etc.).

-5      Fighting

-5      Profanity (using unacceptable language, using obscene gestures).

-5      Throwing objects that are not pertaining to physical education (rocks, dirt, sticks, etc.) or throwing objects with intent to injure other students.

-3      Throwing objects that are not pertaining to physical education with no intent to injure other students.


Specific Physical Education Rules:

•1.                 All rules in the student handbook will apply in physical education.

•2.                 Eating or drinking during physical education is not permitted.

•3.                 Jewelry should not be worn during class.

•4.                 Tackling is not permitted while playing football.

•5.                 Appropriate hall procedures are in effect including refraining from running and pushing.

•6.                 Hard sole shoes may not be worn in the gymnasium.

•7.                 Do not throw rocks, dirt, sticks or any object not pertaining to physical education.

•8.                 The bleachers in the gymnasium are only for sitting.

•9.                 No leaving the playground / gymnasium without teacher's permission.


*Exemption from Physical Education-


If a child is sick and needs to be excused from physical education class, a parent must write a note to the physical education teachers stating the dates and the reason for the student's non-participation in physical activities.  Should a child need to be excused from class for more than three days, a doctor's excuse is required.  The excuse must contain a return to activity date. 


*Physical Education Dress Requirements-


Alabama law requires every elementary school student to have 30 minutes of physical education per day.  To fully benefit from these activities, students must be appropriately dressed.  We do not ask our students to "dress out" for class; however we do ask that our students wear clothes that they can move in.  This includes tennis shoes, comfortable shirt and shorts, pants, sweat pants or other non-restrictive clothing.  Cleats are not needed or appropriate at school.


If your daughter chooses to wear a dress or skirt to school, we ask that she bring a pair of shorts to slip on under her dress/skirt.  This is to preserve the modesty of your child as she participates.




The dates for P.T.O. meetings are included on the school calendar.  Dues are $3.00 per person, and all parents are encouraged to join and support YOUR PTO.  Let's keep ours the strongest in Lee County- your children depend on you!!!




Students at East Smiths Station Elementary School will follow the Discipline / Code of Conduct rules as stated in the Policies and Master Discipline Plan for Lee County Schools.  In addition, the following rules apply:


1.       Do not bring chewing gum to school.  This rule helps maintain cleanliness of the school floors and furniture.

2.       Do not write on any walls or destroy school property in any manner.  This causes permanent damage.  You may be required to pay for any damages.

3.       Bathroom times will be determined by the teachers and will be enough for the students.  Doctors' medical excuses for special restroom privileges will be honored.  The excuses must contain appropriate recommendations for the school and relevant dates.

4.       Faculty, staff, and students are to be respected - at ALL times.

5.       Toys and other such items are not allowed at East Smiths Station Elementary School.  These items can be a distraction and can be easily lost.  These items will be confiscated by the teacher and may not be returned to the student.

6.       Shoes with wheels are not permitted.




EMERGENCIES- Weather and other conditions or situations may necessitate certain measures to be taken.  If school personnel have prior planning that your child is to be sent home early on a given day, you will receive a notice at least a day prior to early release.  When situations create severe weather, buses will be called in and students will be sent home at the direction of the superintendent.  Closure information will be delivered to local media and internet sources.  Car rider parents will receive a phone call.  Students will be placed in the hall when the Emergency Weather System tells of a Tornado Warning.  Your child is safer at school than at home in most instances so please do not try to come check them out under these conditions.


CONFERENCES- Conferences may be initiated by administrators, teachers, or parents.  Parents may arrange conferences by calling the office and requesting a time and date.  Note that ESSES operates on central time.  Some conferences may be required by the administration.  If your child has been suspended from school and you cannot make a required conference for reinstatement, do NOT send the student back until you make arrangements for a new conference.  Special education teachers or our counselors may call other conferences.  Please, try to attend any conferences you ask for or are asked to attend.  Schedule your conferences ahead of time, as teachers are not allowed to use class time for impromptu conferences.




Please review the following rules with your children.  Following these rules will help us insure the safety of all of our students.


•1.                 The student drop off and pick up area is in front of the school ONLY.  No vehicles other than faculty, delivery trucks, and buses are allowed in the bus entrance.

•2.                 Teachers will escort their students to the car pick up area.  DO NOT ATTEMPT TO GO TO THE BUS LOADING AREA TO LOCATE YOUR CHILD.  DO NOT PARK YOUR CAR, GET OUT, AND ATTEMPT TO WALK OVER TO PICK UP YOUR CHILD.  Teachers have been instructed by the principal to walk the students to the cars.

•3.                 Parents are not allowed to wait in the halls for student pick-up.  This is for the safety of everyone.

•4.                 Students are not allowed to check out early to avoid the car line.  Check outs to avoid the car line will be considered unexcused.  Excessive tardies, check outs, and absences are reported to the Central Office for the Early Warning Program.  YOU MUST HAVE A CHECKOUT SLIP FROM THE OFFICE TO PARK IN THE EXCUSED CHECKOUT PARKING LOT.

5.       Cars must stay in the car line and follow proper procedures.  Cars may not drive between parked cars, drive against traffic, or move while students are loading.  At 2:30 PM car traffic comes to a halt.  Emergency exit from the car line requires the assistance of the administration.




Parents or adults with parental permission may come to the office to check out students.  Identification MUST be shown to sign the checkout sheet, giving the student's name, adult's name, reason, and school time.  Only persons on the check out forms will be permitted to check out children.  Do not go directly to the classroom, lunchroom, or playground to take your child home.  The teacher will only release a child if called from the office.  These rules are for the safety of your children.




Section 204 of Public Law 108-265 requires ESSES to establish our own Wellness Policy.  ESSES is committed to providing a school environment that promotes and protects children's health, well being, and ability to learn, by supporting healthy eating and physical activity.  Parents and faculty are encouraged to promote nutritional snacks and treats at school.  For further information, contact your child's teacher or our school nurse about healthy food suggestions to bring for special events.












The mission of East Smiths Station Elementary School is to facilitate the maximum development of each child's potential.  This will be accomplished by providing a positive learning environment that encourages a partnership between home, school, and community for the betterment of our students.  Our highest priority is to provide quality instruction through dedicated teachers meeting the individual learning style of each student.  We will strive to prepare our students to be productive members of society in a technological world.  Our end result will be to develop well rounded, respectful, responsible individuals who will be life long learners.



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